About Us

Slow Movement is an illustration agency located in Shanghai, China, specialising in illustration and animation. Established in 2019, our agency offers versatile illustration services for various applications, including Intellectual Property, Multidimensional Animation, Interactive Media, Product Packaging, Creative Advertising, Installation, and Space design, as well as editorial illustration.

We proudly represent some of the most skilled illustrators both domestically and internationally, serving as an effective bridge between illustrators and clients.

At Slow Movement, we are dedicated to a multidimensional approach characterised by conciseness, chic design, and entertainment. Our goal is to provide exceptional and relevant design solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our Clients

Apple, Harrods, Farfech, Nayuki奈雪的茶,Hermes, Giada, 亚朵集团,Nike, Rockingzoo, Celine, Moonboot, Marvis, Remy Martin, K11, I Do, Alibaba, 乐乐趣,Grazia, The New Yorktimes kids, Wallpaper, Issey Miyake三宅一生,etc.

Contact Us

General Inquiries
→ hello@thedesignbueno.com

Artist Submission


36kr.com - Slow Movement 对接插画师与品牌方做创意整合


01 How are fees determined?

Our fee structure is generally based on the project brief, usage, copyright considerations, and other relevant factors. As artists may have different rates, feel free to leave us a message if you need suggestions for your project.

02 How does our collaboration process work?

Initially, our agent will connect with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project. Once a contract is signed, the artist will commence work. Our agent will oversee the project to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

03 I'm an artist; will you represent me? 

We consider representing artists based on the strength of their portfolio and the presence of commercial cases that showcase their skills. If you meet these criteria, why not get in touch?

04 Are you guys ‘slow‘ in your work?

We embrace a deliberate pace in life, ensuring efficiency and high performance in our work. Let's discuss further over coffee to dispel any doubts.

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