Cheney Yan

Cheney Yan is an illustrator and painter from China. He graduated from MA Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth in 2017. Yan’s work features symbolic characters and spirited palettes, reflecting his childhood memories and present surroundings.

He drew a lot of characters, cute little friends. It seemed they were grown inside him, like magic. The [LOOK] surely inspired him a lot; it was almost an instinctive desire to jot down this person. For instance, he would draw someone putting on his overcoat so chic, dashing in front of him, or a lady wearing her lip color of a charming orange-red. The look in his language may be described as [形象], representing silhouette and identity, two elements he strives to capture every day, everywhere. He thinks that at this moment he’s only creating things as he feels.

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