Illustrator, Animator

Jiaqi Wang

Jiaqi Wang (Ja-chi) is a Chinese born, New York based illustrator and animator. Jiaqi dives into a world where vivid colors meet crisp, clean lines, creating storytelling work that captivates the joy.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond the canvas as she fearlessly plays with perspective and weaves tales through a diverse cast of characters. Jiaqi's unique approach has garnered recognition from institutions like ADC and Young Gun.

From the corners of glossy magazines to adorning the walls of your city, her creations have an infectious ability to bring a smile to people's faces. Get ready to catch glimpses of her art, sparking delight wherever you go, because in her world, every stroke is a story waiting to be told.

Clients | Apple, Google, NIKE, DoorDash, Adobe, Spotify, Mc Donalds, WarbyParker, Disney, Meta, The New York Times,Instagram, The Hollywood Reporter, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TBrand, LA Time, Forbes, Firefox, Pepsi, Muji, Target, WeWork, Peets, Pop up Magazine, Colossal, JINS etc.

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