Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Digital Artist

SanQian 废画三千

SanQian is an illustrator, graphic designer, and digital artist hailing from Chongqing. Her work primarily delves into her personal growth, often serving as a visual diary of her emotional journey. Her creative process often begins with simple geometric shapes, where the allure of color and patterns takes precedence over representational elements. She employs principles of graphic design to segment her compositions into distinct blocks, with each block potentially conveying different emotions and narratives. Much like the fluctuating moods throughout a day, where anger might arise in the morning due to work and yet be soothed by the soft fur of a small animal in the evening. SanQian's art captures the ever-changing essence of life. In her words, it's about capturing the true essence, while these images are her imagined spaces, intertwined with thoughts of the universe, celestial bodies, and distant realms far removed from her physical surroundings.

Clients | Hermes, Procreate, PECO, kaleidoscopeBooks, Le Puzzle, Paper Wallet, Vans, Kappa, Kiblind Magazine, Portland Monthly, The Washington Post, Vogue Plus, etc.

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